Blood Moon

 …think of the reddish hue of the eclipsed moon as the light of every sunrise and sunset occurring on Earth at that moment — the little bits of the sun’s glow that are seeping around the edge of Earth’s obstructive disc and making their way to the moon. -

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Visual Confections

sign closeup 0 Visual Confections

The Grand Budapest Hotel sign itself, up on the roof of the hotel, is my favourite example. It was based on an old steel hotel sign from 1930s Cairo that Wes had picked out. I hand-drew the lettering for our own hotel in the same style, somewhat unevenly, with rather jaunty serifs, and then gave the drawing to our model-makers who sculpted it for the hotel miniature. I remember they corrected the rather wide kerning between the letters A and N, and we asked them to widen it again just like it was in the reference. It’s the little idiosyncrasies like this that Wes loves – it’s all part of his aesthetic. On the one hand he’s a perfectionist; on the other hand he doesn’t want anything to look machine-made, or digitally produced in any way. – Annie Atkins, Graphic Designer for the Grand Budapest Hotel, via

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I’ve used a fair amount of Photoshop, and I have a rather good idea of the limits of improving picture quality. Basically, you can make it brighter, you can make it a bit sharper, and that’s it. So it drives me nuts every time a TV character utters those magic words, “can you enhance the image?” A 10-second flurry of pretend typing later, that blurry daguerreotype taken during a snowstorm that the detectives found in a whale’s stomach becomes clear enough that you can read a license plate number reflected in someone’s watch. Thanks, magical computers. Not only does it take me right out of the story, it also gives my co-workers completely unrealistic ideas of what I’m able to do with a real-life blurry photo. – Mike Vago at What TV trope aggravates you the most?, AV Club

Macbeth – St. Mary’s Menston

Macbeth for website tickets announcement story 1440px wide by Monette Punzalan all right reserved Macbeth   St. Marys Menston
Macbeth for website 009 Macbeth   St. Marys Menston

2014 Macbeth production. Published with permission from St. Mary’s Menston.

  • Modify my Macbeth poster for a new production.

I was flattered to be contacted by St. Mary’s Menston Academy, located in Menston, West Yorkshire, England. They had seen my Macbeth poster online and asked if they could use it for their Macbeth production.

The play was a resounding success. Congratulations to the students and staff on their hard work! I am glad I was able to contribute.


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