Cocky Coders

As a woman who learned HTML, CSS, and programming without virtual strippers, I am clearly not in the target audience group for – a coding tutorial site for “HTML Virgins” that rewards users with stripping models. The more you learn, the more they strip. I’m not going to link to it, but I will push the parody site, my last post pointed out the unnecessary addition of sex to a dentist office, I may come off sounding prudish. But I remember being one of two females in a programming class. Sites like this are not encouraging.

“In an industry where women hold just 25 percent of tech jobs, and are only 18 percent of computer-science majors, stories like this only reinforce the feeling that not everyone is welcome in Silicon Valley… In the most innovative, best paid and fastest growing sectors of our economy – where much of our present and future society is being built and shaped – we deserve better representation. This week, in addition to tweeting #NotBuyingIt, let’s support those that are actively drawing more women into tech careers. Help spread the word about organizations like Black Girls Code and Lesbians Who Tech that are changing culture, providing mentorship, and increasing opportunities for marginalized groups.”

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