Marita Fitness

The client had started a YouTube channel featuring short videos that moms could squeeze into their day (while prepping for their kids, with their kids, of even using their kids as weights.)

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Tributes

The way this Starbucks tribute ad for Martin Luther King, Jr. reversed the alphabet is simple and clever; and the “Again” succinctly references a turbulent year in U.S. race relations.

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Selfie of Dorian Gray - Stale Cake Comics

A Selfie of Dorian Gray

A Selfie of Dorian Gray is one of my favorite Stale Cake comics – probably because there is no text, so we didn’t overwrite the joke. Anyway, we liked the idea of Dorian Gray adapting to our selfie-obsessed culture and looking even worse with each douche-y shot of himself.  

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The Hamburger Helper Icon

Hamburger menus are popular and easy, but are they any good? If you have a smart phone, then you are probably familiar with the hamburger icon hanging out in one of the corners on your screen. Even if you don’t have a smart phone, or tablet, you may see them on full screen websites. Still…

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2014 World Cup – Celebrating Brazil

Street Art that goes around the world Brazil loves football. No matter how little you may know about the sport, you have to know that much. Brazil has won the World Cup more than any other country and is the only one that has qualified for every World Cup competition. Some say the love for… Read More

Weather icon: Are we expecting triangles tonight?

Back then, TV presenters slid magnetic symbols around a metal map: dots for rain, asterisks for snow, lines to mark off areas of equal pressure. “They were just hieroglyphics as far as everybody was concerned,” Allen says. “Why was a triangle a rain shower?”

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Cocky Coders

As a woman who learned HTML, CSS, and programming without virtual strippers, I am clearly not in the target audience group for – a coding tutorial site for “HTML Virgins” that rewards users with stripping models.

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Blood Moon

 ...think of the reddish hue of the eclipsed moon as the light of every sunrise and sunset occurring on Earth at that moment -- the little bits of the sun's glow that are seeping around the edge of Earth's obstructive disc and making their way to the moon. - I wish I had a better… Read More

Visual Confections

The Grand Budapest Hotel sign itself, up on the roof of the hotel, is my favourite example. It was based on an old steel hotel sign from 1930s Cairo that Wes had picked out. I hand-drew the lettering for our own hotel in the same style, somewhat unevenly, with rather jaunty serifs, and then gave… Read More

TV Trope: Photoshop magic

I’ve used a fair amount of Photoshop, and I have a rather good idea of the limits of improving picture quality. Basically, you can make it brighter, you can make it a bit sharper, and that’s it. So it drives me nuts every time a TV character utters those magic words, “can you enhance the image?” A… Read More

Macbeth – St. Mary’s Menston

St. Mary’s Menston Academy, located in West Yorkshire, England saw my Macbeth poster online and asked if they could use it for their Macbeth production. I was flattered and readily agreed to license the image. Congratulations to the students and staff on their hard work! I heard the play was a resounding success. I am glad… Read More

UI Icons – Friendly vs. Powerful

It was explained to me that the Mac’s intended audience was non-technical…I interpreted “personal” and non-technical to mean that it would be good if symbols were based on everyday objects…My favorite icon is the smiling Mac; it was designed to give a friendly first onscreen image. I also like the bomb, which is irreverent because…

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Busy Business Cards

Adding every possible credential to your card I would never advise a client to put this much information on a business card, but I have to admit that Chen Guangbiao-esque business cards are memorable and confident. Are these honorific titles in descending order of importance? Why hasn't he made TOP Environmental Preservation Demolition Expert yet?… Read More

You don’t have a clue

Animating word origins If you are preparing yourself for the Sherlock Season 3 debut, watch this amazing video on the origins of the word "clue".  The tone, narration, and ability to surprise will get you in the right frame of mind. Though the analog elements (in the form of  drawings, cutouts, and popups) are more… Read More


Business Cards The client already had a logo and needed a quick set of business cards. I kept the fun and bright colors of the logo, and balanced the bubbly font with a simple sans-serif typeface. Read More
Lady Charlotte Issue 1 Cover

Lady Charlotte Magazine

Magazine Design I designed the layout for some issues of Lady Charlotte Magazine. Elisa Diener wanted it look elegant and refined. The illustrations and articles added whimsy to make it more refreshing. Go To Portfolio Read More
Feeling Stuffed - Stale Cake Comics

Feeling Stuffed on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I actually love cooking for my friends and family – though I rarely have to cook more than a couple dishes. In this comic, I liked the idea of cutting out the middleman.  

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Seeing Red – the Problem with Period ads

“I was ten years old. I had noticed something was weird earlier in the day but I knew from commercials that one’s menstrual period was a blue liquid that you poured like laundry detergent onto maxi pads to test their absorbency. This wasn’t blue so…I ignored it for a few hours.” –  Tina Fey, Bossypants My mother… Read More