Patatap – You have to try it!

Create visual music with your keyboard

Click on this frame to start patatapping! is a new website, created by Jono Brandel, a member of Google Creative Lab’s Data Arts Team, and Japanese composer duo Lullatone, that lets users turn their keyboards into music and animation triggers.The goal is to create visual music and experience synesthesia, a condition in which experiencing one sense (such as sound) produces experiences in a totally different sense (such as sight).

It reminds me of the soothing Bloom app that came out a few years ago, where touching a phone screen produces sounds and colorful animations that gently fade and repeat.

So you can create complex compositions, revel in the abstract art that appears (use the space bar to change color schemes), or just geek out at the web technology and what typing your name will look and sound like I did.

Here are pieces by three abstract artists associated with “visual music” and inspired the creators of Patatap:

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