I sketched out over 20 logos and most of them ended up being letter forms of the client’s initials. I loved the way the “Y” and “A” fit together.

Business Card Designs

Entertainment Lawyer

Create a logo and business cards for an entertainment lawyer.
When I began the project, I looked at the logos and cards of other lawyers and came up with a few cliches that I wanted to avoid: scales, classical columns, lady of justice, and gavels. Sometimes, they were used in clever ways, but they did not apply to this case. The colors associated with lawyers tend to be muted to strike a serious and professional tone. When describing her ideal card, the client used the word “established” but also wanted it to catch one’s eye. While white is very crisp and polished, I used the stone colors to set it apart. They still contrasted nicely with the bright blue and orange. which I used to reflect her energy.