I used CSS to create a letterpress effect to some of the text. There is no substitute for the tangible effect of the real thing, but it sure is cheaper.

Style Tile

Invitation Drafts


I kept trying to arrange the “L” and “C” into a 16 x 16 pixel space for the favicon, but nothing looked right. Finally, I spooned the “C”s of their last names with the ring to create a legible combination. I was pleased enough with the result to use it on their beer labels as well.

Beer Labels

The groom decided to brew beer for the occasion. Personally, I forget the types of beer, so I thought the floating balloon indicator was a nice way to tie in the balloon theme and show how dark the beer is.

Since he narrowed down the list of beers to two, I created two larger growler bottles featuring their beloved dog and cat. I managed to sneak the balloons in as bubbly texture.

Crabtree & Case Wedding

Create a customized wedding website. Design wedding stationary.
Since the bride shared her pinterest board with me, it was easy to create a style tile for her wedding. One theme that emerged on her boards was “1930’s ocean liners”. Another theme was polka-dots. When she mentioned the idea of using balloons in a wedding invitation, I ran with it. The first version of the site used parallax scrolling so that balloons carried up elements as the user scrolled down. But the site was too dependent on the effect and I scrapped it in favor of a WordPress version that the couple could update easily and was also responsive for phone and tablet users.