Create website and brochure layouts for MathTacks, an online math program
Yegros Education


“MathTacks” was am online flash card program where students and teachers could log in and keep track of the students’ progress. In addition to laying out the website and brochure, the owner asked me to create a fun mascot for the site.


The target audience for the site was grade-school aged children, so it had to feel fun enough to make them forget they were doing math. I tried a few themes with bright colors and eventually settled on a cork-board and cutout theme. After designing the layout, I wrote the CSS for all of the website elements.


The owner wanted to use an animal mascot so that it could be broadly appealing and gender-neutral. I came up with a monkey juggling numbers to add a sense of playfulness.



For continuity, the brochure used the same theme and mascot. If I could do it again, I would tone down the theme since the brochures were aimed at school administrators.