Monette T. Punzalan
Monette Punzalan
UX Designer

I am passionate about creating interfaces that are easy to use and look great. I strive to always consider the user’s needs to create products that are innovative and effective.

My Process

UX Design Cycle

Develop an understanding of the challenge

• User interviews
• Stakeholder interviews
• Surveys
• Competitive analysis

Clarify and communicate the problem

• User personas
• Empathy maps
• User journeys
• Problem statement

Brainstorm and develop situations

• Affinity maps
• Card sorts
• User flows
• Information architecture

Show and refine the design

• Wireframes
• Interactive prototypes
• Design system

Create , experiment, and iterate

• Usability testing
• A/B testing
• Desirability evaluations

Case Studies
What I did and what I learned along the way