Stale Cake Comics

Develop a website for a webcomic that I co-created with Asha Parham. Design the logo and print materials. Illustrate the comics.
Personal Project with Asha Parham


My friend, Asha, came to me with the idea of doing an online comic chronicling dating, aging, and other life foibles.

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Asha had heard that the term “stale cake” was used by the Japanese to apply to women past their marrying age and thought it would be a great title for our project.

We decided to capitalize on the name of the comic and embrace a cake store theme. This freed us to have more fun with the copy on the site and to differentiate Stale Cake from other web comics.


The logos I came up with were literally images of stale cake. We had crazy Miss Havisham from Great Expectations in mind and imagined her trying to serve people pieces of her ancient wedding cake.

In all of our logos, I tried to convey the staleness quality, without being so disgusting that you wouldn’t want a piece.

We used a contest to let users choose their favorite logo.


The initial designs for the website had a comic book slant to them, but the action oriented style did not suit our irreverent tone.

The color palette shared the bright and rich pastels of many dessert stores. I used heavy greys and browns to tamp down the cheeriness, but scrapped them in the latest iteration because I overdid it.

Favorite Comics

We realized some of our comics were too wordy or needed too much context. While we were improving our drawings and jokes, we ultimately could not devote the time to a weekly comic with our full-time jobs.

Here are some of my favorite Stale Cake comics.