Monette T. Punzalan

Aimee Mann Poster

Created a poster for a performance using typographic elements. I based my poster on one of my favorite songs by Aimee Mann, titled “Invisible Ink”.
My Role
Graphic Designer
Personal Project
Dec 2011


The client wanted a mural for her tennis court that featured her pets and other specific elements. The bluebirds were part of a story involving her cats. The world with kids swinging on it represented her love of travel.

I added other natural elements in the form of mountains and local plants to bring everything together. Fortunately, actual sunlight hit the sunset of the mural in such a way that it practically glowed when she looked at it from her window.

Aimee Mann Poster - Sketch 2
Colored sketch
Aimee Mann Poster - Sketch 1
Colored sketch that I chose for the final version.

Final Poster

I had to remember that the poster was supposed to promote a performance, not just a song. So I created an art nouveau style graphic that framed the performance information. It resembled a simplified graphic jelly fish – but it stood out because its symmetry contrasted with the rest of the organic images.

Aimee Mann - Invisible Ink Poster
Poster for an Aimee Mann concert featuring lyrics for "Invisible Ink"