Monette T. Punzalan

Fly Rights

Advertising campaign highlighting the simple but efficient perks of Lufthansa airlines. Campaign included print and digital ads, as well as a Fly Rights website.
My Role
Graphic Designer
Personal Project
Aug 2011
Advertising Campaign, Poster


I had to come up with an ad campaign for Lufthansa airlines for a class. The challenge was that the company was known for its reliability – its stereotypically German punctuality.

I emphasized amenities that users might take for granted. Airlines had been turning these features into a la carte options in order to seem more affordable. Reminding flyers that they had a right to these perks showed them they did not have to worry about being nickeled and dimed. Lufthansa understood that these services were essential to having an enjoyable trip.

Print Ads

Since the concept effortless pleasures, the design of the campaign mirrored that simplicity.

Fly Rights - Print Ad 1
Fly Rights - Print Ad 1
Fly Rights - Print Ad 2
Fly Rights - Print Ad 2
Fly Rights - Print Ad 3

Video Ad

I created this animated ad to portray the same messages as the print ads. To continue the idea of appealing to frustrated flyers, the ad looks like an airport destination board and starts with a delayed flight notice. Then the messages about what flyers should and can expect from Lufthansa kick in.

The ads all direct the users to the site. I would have added the Lufthansa name to everything – especially the end of the animated ad – to give a definitive solution to users.


Fly Rights - Website Home
Website: Layout is based on airport signs, containing icons and typography that are big and bold
Fly Rights - Website Rights
Fly Rights - Website: Rights page details basic services that Lufthansa excels at
Fly Rights - Website Tips
Fly Rights - Website: Tips page offers details to plan for an easy flight
Fly Rights - Website Forum
Fly Rights - Website : Forum page for users to discuss topics