Monette T. Punzalan

Dragon Boat Race

A t-shirt design for a team participating in Boston’s annual Dragon Boat Race. The “Fast and the Furious” was sponsored by The Boston Tea Stop, so the design had to incorporate its logo.
My Role
Graphic Designer
Boston Tea Stop Team
May 2005


The team was new to the annual Boston dragon boat race. I initially used fiercer depictions of a dragon in the design, but they didn’t reflect the team personality. A local boba tea shop sponsored the group, so a friendlier dragon made more sense. To further endorse the Boston Tea Stop’s drinks, I showed the dragon refreshing itself with one of the shop’s drinks.

Sketch 1
Dragon Boat T-shirt Sketch 1: needed to incorporate the sponsor logo
Sketch 2
Dragon Boat T-shirt Sketch 2: Too serene
Sketch 3
Dragon Boat T-shirt Sketch 3: a kinder version became the final design