Monette T. Punzalan

Evolve Mural

Mural submission for an exterior wall on a residential building called Evolve South Bay.
My Role
Graphic Designer
Vivache Designs
May 2020


The residential company wanted a mural on the wall facing the highway that would be enticing to drivers to check out the property.

I believed a home becomes more than a place to live when it provides comfort and a sense of belonging. I thought a pair of holding hands could symbolize those feelings, especially during the pandemic, when people were struggling to connect.

While drawing hands touching, I saw shapes that resembled birds and I liked the idea of birds coming alive. It echoed the evolve theme. 

The company ultimately decided on a different design by Vivache Designs that you can view here.

Evolve mural sketch
Mural sketch
Evolve Mural
Final mural design