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Monette T. Punzalan

Haven Murals

Murals for a new community space with eateries and gathering areas
My Role
Graphic Designer
Vivache Designs
Sep 2018


The client was repurposing a department store as a community gathering area with restaurant stations.

He wanted the murals to have references to the city of Rancho Cucamonga and its history. I illustrated peach and lemon fruit trees as a nod to that background. 

The interior designer asked for a combination of graphic abstraction, less tight composition, with a little bit of stylized realism. I went through several drafts to get the mix and colors right.

Haven City side entrance sketch
Side entrance mural sketch
Haven Mural placed
Side entrance mural draft - placed
Haven City Mural for side entry
Side entry mural
Haven City hallway mural sketch
Hallway mural sketch
Haven City hallway mural - entering
Hallway mural - entering
Haven City hallway mural - exiting
Hallway mural - exiting
Haven City hallway mural
Flattened view of hallway mural - covering side walls and ceiling