Monette T. Punzalan

Manhattan Beach Towers Mural

Mural design for Manhattan Beach Towers, a real estate group that showcased landmarks of Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach, as well as a few symbols of their business.
My Role
Graphic Designer
Vivache Designs
Sep 2016


I’ve found that many businesses want to incorporate part of the community history in their murals. Sometimes it can be a challenge finding images that are unique to the area and are easily recognizable. However, Los Angeles is overflowing with landmarks so the challenge became which ones to include?

I started the process by creating 1″ x 1″ thumbnail sketches of famous buildings. This allowed me to see if it was discernible in a simplified state. Using symmetry helped to integrate multiple landmarks and office symbols into a cohesive image. 

The overall shape naturally evolved into a heart which suited the message.

MBT Mural Sketch 1
Sketch 1
MBT Mural Sketch 2
Sketch 2
MBT Mural
MBT finished mural