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Monette T. Punzalan

Fireflies Mural

Final mural idea for a group mural show in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Featured a Filipino folk tale about Kapre, a tree giant and the origin of fireflies.
My Role
Graphic Designer
Personal Project
Aug 2017


I had illustrated another idea for this mural project, but chose this one – partially because I thought it was more impressive, but mostly because it was more personal.

The previous year, my father had been diagnosed with cancer. While he had a quick and successful recovery, I wanted to make this as a gift to him.

When I was a kid my dad had set up an impromptu indoor camping trip for us. He told me various stories about his family and growing up. He said he was afraid of the trees as a boy because there was a filipino fable about giants living among the branches. These giants smoked cigars and their embers became the fireflies in the forest. The mural was an encapsulation of that memory.

Fireflies Mural with Monette standing in front of it
Me posing in front of my Fireflies mural
Fireflies Mural