Aimee Mann Poster

Illustrate a poster for a musical event, featuring the lyrics of one of the songs.


During a typography course, I had to create a poster for a performance and use strong typographic elements. I based my poster on one of my favorite songs by Aimee Mann, titled “Invisible Ink”. Since her lyrics are clever, I knew I wanted to include them, but do so in an inventive way.


I started with the idea of ink and found some beautiful images and video of ink dropped in water. The ink’s descent and transformation was slow and graceful, qualities that suited the song.

As the ink mushroomed, the drops began to resemble jellyfish. I liked the idea of ink coming to life and breaking away.

But I had to remember that the poster was supposed to promote a performance, not just a song. So I created an art nouveau style graphic that framed the performance information. It resembled a simplified graphic jelly fish – but it stood out because its symmetry contrasted with the rest of the organic images.