Macbeth Poster

Create an arresting poster for Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth.
Intro to Graphic Design


To complete an Intro to Graphic Design course at the School of Museum Arts, I had to create a poster for a performance.


Macbeth is a well-known play, so it was a challenge to create a unique representation of it. Bloody hands, crowns, and daggers are common elements. Instead of avoiding them I tried to highlight Lady Macbeth’s role in pushing the title character to action.

At the time, I had just discovered the work of Noma Bar, and admired his use of negative space to create double meanings. I tried a similar approach by drawing a dagger that becomes the lethal connection that binds Lady Macbeth to her murderous husband, as well as dividing them. To balance the strong black and white graphical elements, I created a swirling liquid effect for the blood in Photoshop.

St. Mary’s Menton licensed the image to use for their Macbeth production.