Manhattan Beach Towers Mural

Create a mural of Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach landmarks for a new building.


A real estate development group wanted a mural to go inside one of their office buildings in Manhattan Beach, California. The mural company, Vivache Designs, asked me to submit a design. They provided a color palette and asked for an image that showcased landmarks of Los Angeles and Manhattan Beach, as well as a few symbols of their business.


I’ve found that many businesses want to incorporate part of the community history in murals for their business. Sometimes it can be a challenge finding images that are unique to the area and are easily recognizable. However, Los Angeles is overflowing with landmarks so the challenge became which ones to include?

I started the process by creating 1″ x 1″ thumbnail sketches of famous buildings. This allowed me to see if it was discernible in a simplified state. Using symmetry helped to integrate multiple landmarks and office symbols into a cohesive image. The cartoon-ish style keeps it fun and inviting. The overall shape naturally evolved into a heart which suited the message.