Yegros Caricatures

Create postcard fliers and a website for caricature artist, Alejandro Yegros.
Alejandro Yegros


The client wanted to advertise his caricature services online and with postcards. He had built up a a large collection of examples that he had posted on social media, but he wanted to showcase premium examples.


His work was very fun and charming, so I wanted to echo those feelings in his website and cards. I started by creating some style tiles to capture the feelings. One had a retro feeling but he opted for the one with brighter colors as it had more energy.


I created a responsive WordPress site for the client with sliders that he could easily update. Each image had its own post that could be posted on his Facebook site as well so that he did not have to duplicate it. The posts automatically went into the sliders as well, depending on how he categorized them.

Unfortunately, his website was eventually hacked, and I learned the importance of constantly updating WordPress plugins to secure a site.

Brochure Cards

I featured the client prominently in both versions – but his face overwhelmed the first version on both front and back.

He preferred the second version, which featured more examples of his work, and was more legible.