Monette T. Punzalan

MTP Studio

Web & Graphic Design


Web Design

"Think of your website as a building. How much space do you need for all of your content? What is the function of each room? Can people find their way around easily? Does it look good?


Gives the structure of your site its shapes and colors.


The building blocks for your site.


The blueprints for your site.

Server Setup

How much space and security will you need?


Blood Moon

 …think of the reddish hue of the eclipsed moon as the light of every sunrise and sunset occurring on Earth […]

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Visual Confections

The Grand Budapest Hotel sign itself, up on the roof of the hotel, is my favourite example. It was based […]

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Busy Business Cards

I would never advise a client to put this much information on a business card, but I have to admit […]

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You don't have a clue

If you are preparing yourself for the Sherlock Season 3 debut, watch this amazing video on the origins of the […]

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