Bizee Bit - Stale Cake Comics

Bizee Bit

For about a year, my FitBit was a toy that I wore religiously but didn’t adhere to. I would look at my stats and think “Neat!” and immediately put them out of my mind. I have since learned how to use it effectively and actually get good results! Yet a part of me must have…

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Just One More Game - Stale Cake Comics

Just one more game

Why did I decide to continue hand drawing each panel instead of copying, pasting, and modifying in Illustrator? Since this comic was inspired by my wasted time, I think poor time management skills is the answer.  

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Adulthood Horizon - Stale Cake Comics

The Adulthood Horizon

At some point, I created a narrative where I was really good at math (since my smarty-pants siblings were never enthusiastic about it.) But I’d never heard of the event horizon before we did this comic. Yet I was very familiar with the feeling that adulthood is still in the future no matter what I…

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Selfie of Dorian Gray - Stale Cake Comics

A Selfie of Dorian Gray

A Selfie of Dorian Gray is one of my favorite Stale Cake comics – probably because there is no text, so we didn’t overwrite the joke. Anyway, we liked the idea of Dorian Gray adapting to our selfie-obsessed culture and looking even worse with each douche-y shot of himself.  

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Baby Bjorn Beard - Stale Cake Comics

Baby Bjorn Beard

I once knew an electrician who would bend his blond mustache up to create sharp, right angles. Eventually this bored him, so he started to dye it red, but “just the tips”. I’m not sure he’d go as far as to tangle a baby into his facial hair, but I bet he’d spend a while…

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Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Stale Cake Comics

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Even before seasons of shows were made available for streaming, I would get a season of a show on DVD and binge it. I’d even go watch all of the extras, like the deleted scenes that were rightfully edited out. One of my friends would voluntarily watch with me, even though she described the experience…

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Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong - Stale Cake Comics

Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong

Here is a rom-com boiled down to its essential parts: seemingly-great-but-kind-of-boring-boyfriend, ridiculous pratfalls for leading lady to make her more appealing, random dreamboat just waiting for the opportunity to love you. It’s missing the best friend foils who live to give terrible advice but let’s assume they are developing interior lives off screen.  

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Favorite Holiday Song - Stale Cake Comics

Favorite Holiday Song

People in my office start playing Christmas music in September. Just NO. NO!!!!!! I admit that I love me some holiday songs, like “All I Want For Christmas Is You” but I wait to love them until AFTER Thanksgiving.  

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Feeling Stuffed - Stale Cake Comics

Feeling Stuffed on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I actually love cooking for my friends and family – though I rarely have to cook more than a couple dishes. In this comic, I liked the idea of cutting out the middleman.  

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In the Lap of Love - Stale Cake Comics

In the Lap of Love

I sleep with my laptop. We have an unhealthy relationship. My former roommate had serious concerns and confronted me about it. There, I admit that I have a problem.  

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Deep Closet Cleanse - Stale Cake Comics

Deep Closet Cleanse

Even if I could afford Goop recommendations, I think I derive more enjoyment from scoffing at them. They can be so ridiculous that I think her team is just messing with her. I don’t fault Gwyneth Paltrow for creating a lifestyle brand, because why not? But Asha can fault her, and she really loves doing…

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Book Lovers - Stale Cake Comics

Book Lovers

Physical books are becoming rarer as we download them onto mobile devices. They seem more like decor. So people who care about their books can be quite particular about them. This comic was inspired by a friend whose relationship with the father of her children was endangered when he gave away her Harry Potter novels.…

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I'm a Wanderer - Stale Cake Comics

I’m a Wanderer

I can always rely on my inner navigation to lead me on the wrong path, so I live by my phone’s GPS. It’s never not embarrassing for me.  

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